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MCC&S has represented various municipalities since the 1960s, and continues to represent municipalities in the suburban Chicagoland area. Currently MCC&S attorneys act as Village Attorney, Village Prosecutor and special counsel for several villages. On a day-to-day basis, MCC&S attorneys advise village managers and elected officials on general corporate matters, election matters, land use / zoning / development matters, contract matters and personnel matters.


Our attorneys attend Village Board meetings, as well as Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals hearings, Police and Fire Commission hearings and other committee meetings. They lend their expertise to assure that public meetings and hearings are conducted properly. They review and draft ordinances, resolutions, development agreements and contracts.


MCC&S attorneys provide not only a legal perspective, but are also able to counsel public entities through the client’s perspective. Each of our attorneys has been elected to public office and served on a local village board, plan commission, zoning board, or school board and all attorneys have been active in community affairs.